Monday, March 19, 2012

Afterhours Custom Plugs, 2012 Striper Lures (Best Striper Fishing Lures 2012)

Don Guimelli- Afterhours Custom Plugs
"I've been an avid striped bass fisherman probing the shorelines of New England with bait, fly and plugs for more than 35 years, as well as a woodworker for more than 25 years. I became interested in building my own plugs because I knew exactly what I wanted in a plug: the highest quality construction combined with fish catching ability and castability. Using my combined knowledge of fishing and woodworking, I created Afterhours Custom Plugs."

Afterhours Custom Plugs are handcrafted saltwater wooden plugs, built one plug at a time. Each plug line is turned, painted, and assembled by hand. The production of our plugs is limited, due to the amount of labor involved. Each plug line is excessively tested to ensure that we are producing the best quality and fish producing plugs available to fisherman on the market.

We build plugs to order. Starting with the wood, we use Alaskan Yellow Cedar which is sealed to prevent water absorbtion. All plugs are thru wired with stainless steel wire and use the highest quality hardware including VMC hooks, Wolverine SS Triple split rings, and Krok swivels.
The exceptional finish on Afterhours Custom Plugs is both beautiful and durable, second to none! Afterhours Custom Plugs are designed and built for beauty, durability and of course catching fish.
Paul D Arbitman, Urbanhooker.comDon Guimelli, Afterhours Custom Plugs


  1. How are the stripers up there this time of the year? They're showing up down in the Chesapeake Bay. Hopefully, it gets better for us. Cool looking rigs!

  2. I caught a few small striper a couple of nights ago in CT. The weather is great and the water is warming up. Things should get interesting soon.

  3. The shad are on there way... Big bass and blues are to follow.