Monday, March 26, 2012

Bad Ass Fishing T Shirts, Striper Slayers Apparel (Best Fishing T-shirts 2012)

Striper Slayers Apparel is a brand-spanking-new fishing apparel company.  Based out of Worcester, MA, Striper Slayers Apparel has this Urban Hooker jones-ing for more.  I met with the Founders of SSA at the 2012 NE Saltwater Fishing Convention in Rhode Island.  They explained to me that the company just launched and these styles are literally hot off the presses.  The owners are not only running the company but they are also tattoo artists by trade.  When they are not beautifying their clients skin with masterful tattoo artistry, they are focused on creative visions for future t shirt designs.  Their style is a perfect blend of old school tattoo art and my favorite past time, striper fishing.  A f#$king match made in heaven.

Their styles are eclectic and the quality of their t shirts and screen printing are exemplary.  Disclaimer: At this point I personally own only one single piece of their fine work, but lucky for me, there are more to come!  I was told that there are many more styles being drawn up now including a fly fishing line.  Ooh-boy!  My buds from Bug Slinger might finally have some reel real competition.  If you have any sense of cool, go ahead and check them out.


  1. Awesome work. I can't wait to see their fly fishing t's. Nice post!

  2. Shirts look sick!